Frequently Asked Questions

VTG Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Who is eligible to attend the Victorian Teachers’ Games?

Anybody employed by a school in Victoria (gov & non-gov) - including support staff, VIT registered teachers, casual & retired teachers, DET corporate staff and registered volunteers and sponsors of the event are eligible to attend VTG24. Check our full eligibility policy to see if you can take part.


When do registrations open?

Registrations open on Monday, 3 June 2019 at 7:00 am


When do registrations close?

Registrations close on Friday 23 August at 11:59 pm.


Do I need to register?

You must be registered in our system to compete at the 24th Victorian Teachers’ Games. Your registration allows you to receive the VTG24 showbag, lanyard and ID card which gives exclusive access to all Official VTG After Parties, shuttle bus services, food and drink deals and much, much more.


Can I still register without a team?

Yes, you are still able to register for any team event in the Victorian Teachers’ Games. When registering, at the team selection phase, select “I'm not part of a Team, please place me in a Team.” The VTG team will endeavour to place you in a team.

Alternately, you can post a message on the Join A Team Facebook event!


Trivia at VTG

We have an important update regarding Trivia with a Twist! This year trivia tables will need to be booked by the team captain, who will be responsible for booking the table and paying for the entire table when they register ($200).

Once the team captain has registered, they simply send the team code to their team to register for the same trivia table. Each competitor will then register as normal for their events and enter the team code for the trivia table.  

Individual team members will not be charged for the seat as this will have been covered by the team captain.

The team captain is then responsible for collecting funds from each participant (each seat is $20). VTG takes no responsibility for the exchanging of fees between team members.

For those wishing to secure their place but do not have a full table, reach out to the VTG family - see our Join A Team Facebook event!


Can I connect with VTG on social media?

Take a moment to “Like” our Facebook Page, follow VTG on Instagram and Follow VTG on Twitter, this will ensure that you stay in the know with the latest information.


Can I register my fellow colleagues?

You are able to register your teammates and pay for their fees. As such, you are able to register an entire team within one registration, however, all fees for each team member will be applied.


Can I get a refund if I can’t make it anymore?

We have a strict refund policy. Please be aware that refunds are only granted in exceptional circumstances & any requests for refunds must be made by 5:00 pm, Friday 23 August 2019.


Which browser should I be using when registering online?

Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all browsers that are compatible.


I see the sport I am competing in has multiple days. Do I need to compete in both?

No, although some sports are on multiple days, each day of competition is isolated. Therefore each day the event begins and ends on that particular day you have chosen to compete.

There are some sports that are half-day events, giving you the option to attend an event in the morning and then choose a different event in the afternoon.


How can I check my registration, log in to my account or update my details?

VTG is excited to be able to provide you with a user-friendly portal in 2019 where you can check your registration. Visit the new MYVTG portal!

If you have previously participated in VTG (Ballarat 2018) you will most likely already have an account with us. In order to login to your account, you will simply need to enter the email address and password used when you last registered.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it via the MYVTG portal!. If you wish you update or view any other details, you can do this via the MYVTG portal!.


Can I swap events?

Email the VTG team with your request.



Can I check how many spots are left in an event?

You can easily see how many vacancies left in all the events. Simply visit this page of the VTG Website.



The event I want to attend is sold out. Can I join a waiting list?

Submit your request via the VTG Waiting List and we will endeavour to connect you with the sport you have requested.


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